Soaked to Death is here!

It’s a book birthday! Soaked to Death, Kevin Brodie Mystery #2, is out today at all your favorite e-book retailers. I hope you enjoy!

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Author’s Note

When I’m reading on my Kindle app, the book I open always starts at Chapter 1. I have to page back to see the cover, dedication, all that. Maybe there’s a setting where I can change that? Anyway, I don’t want anyone to miss the Author’s Note that begins Soaked to Death. I’ve reproduced it for you below. The third paragraph is the most important.

“Please know that it’s Stephen referring to Melanie as the most beautiful thing and to the speed dating as normal. Not me.

“In real life, the Stone Canyon Reservoir is now (since late 2019) covered by a 700,000 square foot floating membrane made of polyethylene synthetic rubber. It’s meant to prevent evaporation of the water and reduce risk from bacteria. No one is fishing or floating in it these days.

“Some of you will think that Stephen is an unrealistic character. No one could possibly be that clueless, right? Wrong. Please keep in mind as you read that Stephen is the only character I’ve ever written who is entirely based on a real person. As far as I know, the real Stephen has never taken up with a Russian woman, but it is absolutely something he would do. The real Stephen is not from Wisconsin, he’s still alive, and he does not work at Walmart. I’ve never met his sister or mother, so Vickie and Joanne are fabrications.

“Other than that, Stephen is painfully real. Ask anyone who knows him.”

You’ve been warned.


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Ready for more Brodie?

Soaked to Death, Kevin Brodie Mystery #2, is available for preorder now! Publication date 6/17.

Amazon preorder

Smashwords preorder

After Stephen Atcheson was fired from UCLA’s Young Research Library, no one expected that he’d resurface – literally – floating in the Stone Canyon Reservoir with a bullet hole in the back of his head. It falls on the LAPD to solve the case, and it falls on Kevin Brodie and Jamilah Daly to deal with Stephen’s mom and sister. Mom is grieving. Sister, not so much. Kevin has to set aside his dislike of Stephen to comfort Mom while Jamilah tries to figure out why Sister is so squirrely. Where is Stephen’s alleged girlfriend? Was his script really in production? Will PayPal respond to a search warrant? And will the new cost-cutting District Attorney end Kevin and Jamilah’s partnership?

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Snowed to Death is live!

If you didn’t pre-order, now’s your chance! Snowed to Death is now available at all e-book retailers.

Print is coming soon.

Thank you all for your ongoing support! And your love of the Brodies.

Jamie Brodie Mystery #22


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Preorder Snowed to Death today!

Snowed to Death, Jamie Brodie Mystery #22, is up for preorder! Publication date 6/3/22. Here are the links:



“Whoever dumped Clarke’s body would have been forced into a narrow window, between the time the slopes closed for the night and the time the new snow was made. How could an outsider—someone who followed Clarke from LA—have known precisely when to leave the body there?

And, assuming Clarke was coming to Alamogordo to see Pete and me… It was a ninety-minute drive from Alamogordo to Ski Apache. The killer must have met Clarke in Alamogordo and killed him there, then transported him to the ski slope.

Where the hell was the crime scene?”

Jamie Brodie Mystery #22

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Cover Reveal! Snowed to Death, Jamie Brodie Mystery #22

Preorder coming soon!

He’s back……

It’s been two years since Jamie Brodie was involved in a murder investigation.

Jamie and his husband, Pete Ferguson, are living quietly – very quietly – in Alamogordo, New Mexico. Pete stays busy with his part-time counseling job, teaching online, and gardening. Jamie has found very little to occupy his time. 

When Valentine’s Day rolls around, the men decide to go snowboarding. They’re having an awesome day on the slopes of Ski Apache when Jamie trips over a branch. Except the “branch” turns out to be a human leg, attached to a man named Gordon Clarke. Clarke is from Santa Monica, California, same as Jamie and Pete. And he has Pete and Jamie’s names and address in his pocket.

Why did Clarke need to talk to Pete and Jamie? And why was he silenced before he could? Finding the answers means that Jamie is heading back to Santa Monica for the first time in two years – and possibly heading right back into the path of a killer.

Jamie Brodie Mystery #22


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Cupid Shot Me is here!

Today’s the day! Cupid Shot Me, a Valentine’s Day-themed short story collection featuring some of my favorite writers – and me – is out today! Get it everywhere that e-books are sold. The print version should be available any minute now as well.

Get ready for Valentine’s Day with these wonderful stories. I am so honored to be part of this accomplished group.


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Can you believe it??

United States Federal Government / Bureau of Engraving & Printing / Whitney National Bank, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

December of this year, 2022, marks the tenth anniversary (in a way) of Jamie Brodie. Cited to Death was published in December 2012. I started writing it in June of that year. In a way, it seems like yesterday. But it also feels like much longer than ten years.

I’m not yet sure exactly what to do to celebrate the anniversary later this year. More on that as I think about it! But I thought I’d start with some fun statistics.

  • Number of Jamie Brodie Mysteries (so far): 21
  • Number of words in those 21 books: 1,059,682
  • Average number of words per book: 50,461
  • Longest book: Resigned to Death, 69,338 words
  • Shortest book: Encountered to Death, 31,903 words
  • Total number of Jamie words I’ve written, including short stories, a serialized novella, character interviews, Josh Lanyon Advent Calendar pieces, unused scenes, and the beginnings of three more Jamie pieces: 1,274,351


I hope the next 1.2 million words don’t take as long!


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Super Secret Project Revealed!

This is so exciting. Frank Butterfield (Nick Williams Mysteries, among others) and I are editing a new anthology of Valentine’s Day-themed short stories, and we have some BIG names! Here’s the cover. Check it out!! I’ve read all of the stories and there’s a wide variety, from police procedural to horror. Something for everyone. I’ll post the preorder link when I have it.

Coming early February!

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Super Secret Snippet

In my last post, I mentioned a super secret special project that will be completed sometime in the first part of February. I thought you might enjoy a taste of my contribution to the project. 😀 Here’s a snippet from a story titled “Speed Murder.”

Valentine’s Day 2003

Hollywood Division, Los Angeles Police Department

Hollywood, California

Rob Jones opened a witness interview form on his computer and clicked the box labeled Last Name. Around him, his fellow homicide detectives were locking desks and donning coats, preparing to leave for the evening. He suppressed a chuckle as he listened. 

“Yeah, I bought her jewelry. Never hear the end of it if I didn’t…”

“We’re taking the kids to In-N-Out. Not my fault she waited too late to call a babysitter…”

“Do you have any idea how much a dozen damn roses costs?”

“I dunno, one of those places where you pay a hundred bucks for two fucking sprigs of parsley…”

Rob’s partner, Stu Burgess, leaned over the cubicle divider between their desks. “Staying late?”

“Yeah. I want to get these statements typed up before I forget.”

“Uh huh. You never forget anything. No plans for the evening?”

None that are any of your business. “Diane’s out of town, remember?”

“Ah, right.” Stu slid his trench coat over his shoulders. “You’ll have the most enjoyable evening of all of us.”

You have no idea. Rob asked, “Are you and Brenda going out?”

“Nope. She said she wanted me to cook.”

“My God. She’s living dangerously.”

Stu laughed. “I figure I can handle steak and salad. See ya later, probably.”

“No doubt.” Rob and Stu were up for the next case. The citizens of Hollywood Division would surely commit a few crimes of passion tonight.

Stu slapped the top of the divider. “Go home.”

“As soon as I write up this interview.”

Stu rolled his eyes and left, shaking his head.

Gradually, as Rob typed, the room cleared. He waited for another fifteen minutes, to make sure no one came back for anything, then dug into his pocket for his new Nokia cell phone – no bigger than the palm of his hand – and dialed a number.

The voice on the other end – male, deep, warm – said, “Hello?”

“Hi, it’s Rob. Be there in about an hour, probably.”

“Sounds good. See you then.”


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