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Happy new year, everyone! I hope the first week of 2020 has treated you well.

2020. Wow. In Jamie Brodie’s alternate universe, the final book of the series, Resigned to Death, began yesterday. (It doesn’t end until June. The final book is gonna be LONG.)

The next-to-final book, Drugged to Death, is finished. I think. My writing group still has to read the final section of it and critique, then it needs to be edited. It will be released on Thursday, May 21st, which is the day that I will be appearing on the Gay Mystery Authors podcast. That’s how far in advance I had to book my spot on the podcast! I hope you’re listening; it’s a terrific source if you want to discover new-to-you gay mysteries.

Right now I’m working semi-feverishly on the second book in the Space Coast Mysteries series, Three Thousand Miles. Writing Greg and Justin is very different from writing Pete and Jamie. I don’t know them as well and they’re not living in my head like Jamie does. Which is good, in some ways. That book will be out in March, I think, at least well before Drugged to Death.

I promise that you’ll see more of Jamie after Resigned to Death. The first 21 books are what my editor refers to as “canon.” I’ve been thinking, however, that Jamie will have a new adventure about every other year after (spoiler alert?) he and Pete move to New Mexico. The first one will actually be a prequel: Jamie’s first case, back in Oceanside.

The alternate universe will continue, however, with the Kevin Brodie Mysteries. Some of these will be gay mysteries; some of them won’t. But all will feature Kevin and Kristen, Jon and Liz, Max and Jill, Susan Portman, Clinton, and the rest of the LA gang. I’m going to continue with the …To Death title format; the first Kevin Brodie Mystery will be Painted to Death. Coming in 2021.

So! What are your plans for the year? đŸ˜€


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I’m featured this week!

On Jon Michaelsen’s blog. Jon is one of the guys who runs the Gay Mystery-Thriller-Suspense Facebook page, of which I am a member. Every week he posts a link to his blog, where he features a recently published gay mystery book. It’s a great way to discover new writers, and the segment is usually long enough that you can tell whether you want to read the book or not.

Anyway, this week, Deserted to Death is his feature! Check it out, and follow Jon’s blog for more gay mystery recommendations. Or join us in the Gay Mystery-Thriller-Suspense Facebook group!


Jamie Brodie Mystery #19

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I’m featured on the Advent Calendar today!

Josh Lanyon’s annual Advent Calendar, that is, on her blog. Check it out:


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A chance for a do-over

How often do we get the chance to do something over in life? Personally, there are all sorts of decisions that I made in my youth that I’d fix if I could. Although then I might not have ended up here, so maybe that’s not such a good idea.


When I started writing fiction, I had NO idea what I was doing. I was a biology major in college. I had a solid foundation in spelling and grammar; I could construct a solid sentence and had a decent vocabulary. But formal training in writing? Nope.

Cited to Death, the first Jamie Brodie Mystery, showed my lack of experience. Seven years later, I’m a better writer than I was then. I certainly know my characters a LOT better than I did then. And I’ve never been entirely happy with the ending of that book.

So I’ve done it over. Let me emphasize. Nothing has changed in terms of Jamie and Pete’s arc. But the book is tighter and the ending is (I think) better. There are many people who read Cited to Death and didn’t like it enough to continue with the series. I’m hoping that the changes to this second edition will decrease that number, and more people will keep reading.

If you own Cited to Death in e-book format, you should be able to update the book on your e-reader. I know you can with Kindle, and I assume you can with the other e-readers. For Kindle it’s under Your Account, then Manage Content and Devices, then Preferences, then Automatic Book Updates.

The new version will be out on Friday for Kindle. I hope to have it the same day through the other outlets as well.

Of course, a new edition means a new cover, too…

New cover small

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Are you listening to the Gay Mystery Authors podcast?


Jamie Brodie Mystery #19

And if not, why not? It’s terrific. It’s hosted by Brad Shreve and Justene Adamec, and airs on Thursdays. Every week, Justene reviews a gay mystery book and Brad then interviews a gay mystery author.

This week, Justene reviewed Deserted to Death! (Spoiler: she liked it.) I didn’t know ahead of time, so it was a lovely Thanksgiving surprise! You can listen here.

My TBR list is already growing thanks to the podcast, and the discussions with authors are fascinating. I’m going to be interviewed next May.

Check it out!!

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Footsteps in the Dark audio is #1!

The audio to the anthology Footsteps in the Dark was released yesterday. Check it out today: Capture

I will never, ever, ever be able to say again that anything I wrote was selling better than James Patterson.

I’ve listened to the first two chapters of Twelve Seconds, as narrated by Joel Leslie Froomkin, and I approve. I particularly adore the accents of Ryan Utley and Col. Ward Vernon. Greg Marcotte’s accent is a tad too Texas to be a North Carolina native, but that’s okay. I like Mindy Leonard’s voice, too.

See what you think!

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Another baby out into the world…


Jamie Brodie Mystery #19

That’s sort of what it feels like when I publish. I don’t think it’s just me. You open the door and toss the book out there, and hope it flies. Sometimes it doesn’t, but THANKS TO ALL OF YOU, it usually does.

I’m so glad you all have taken Jamie, Pete, and the crew to heart.

Now that there are only two books left in the main series – in “canon,” as my editor says – I’m feeling kinda sentimental. Can you tell?

Anyway, Deserted to Death is now available at Amazon and Smashwords, and in print through the Zon. I don’t see it at iBooks yet; other e-tailers will probably take a couple more days.

Be sure to check out the soundtrack for Deserted to Death! I’ll start posting the tracks on my Facebook page tomorrow.


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