I write for fun. I love my day job, and it pays me well enough that I’m comfortable. I don’t need to make a living by writing, and I’m not sure that I’d want to. (Although I love the thought of working from home.)

I wouldn’t be writing novels if I couldn’t self-publish. I have no interest in trying to get a contract with an established publisher. For one thing, it takes too long, and I might never find a publisher who would take me on. For another, I don’t want to give up control or lose the rights to my books.

And I’ve read several accounts lately of people who have been royally – um – screwed by the publishers they’ve signed with. Not getting paid, not getting the representation they thought they were getting, small publishers going out of business unexpectedly…who needs that?

So I’m going to self-publish. I have a book, Let’s Get Digital by David Gaughran, that presents a lot of good reasons to self-publish and step-by-step instructions for doing so on several platforms. He also gives excellent advice on marketing your book.

I’ve had a couple of coworkers ask me if I intend to send my book to publishers, and they’ve always seemed surprised when I’ve said no. One of them even keeps recommending small publishers to me, as if I’m going to change my mind.

I’m not. I’m going to self-publish. First on Kindle, then on a couple of other platforms.

Getting a publisher for your book was the only way to go in the past. Not any more. I want the control and freedom that self-publishing provides. And, if I do generate any revenue, I don’t want to share it with a middleman.


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