Sequels – Writing like Goldilocks

I started getting ideas for sequels to Cited to Death even before I finished writing it. Since it is finished now, and my beta-readers have it, I’m working on a sequel while I’m waiting. I’m still having fun writing!

The one difficulty I’m having with the sequel is introducing enough information about the main characters that this book could stand on its own. I have the characters and everything that happened to them in the first book in my head, of course, and it’s hard to write as if I didn’t know any of that. But I don’t want someone to pick up the second book and be completely lost. I’d like to incorporate just enough from the first book that someone new to the series would want to go back and read the first one.

So it’s a tricky balancing act. Not so much information from the first book that it bogs down the pacing, but not so little information that the reader is wondering who the heck these characters are.

I have to write like Goldilocks. It has to be just right. 🙂


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