Two of my beta-readers gave me their feedback yesterday, and it was excellent. I spent most of the day making the revisions they’d suggested. I lost about 600 words, but I think it’s a cleaner story now.

One suggestion was that I lose one character. She only existed for one specific purpose, and I was able to give that action to someone else, and blend it into the rest of the plot better. Another suggestion was a change in the ending, and that was the toughest to write, because it required rewriting of the entire climactic scene. But it’s more consistent with the characters’ personalities and more believable. So it’s a good change.

When I finished I sent the revised version back to them, and they’ll be getting back to me within the next couple of days. Once they’re satisfied, I can sent the whole thing to the copy editor. I’m working with the cover artist, and I think the cover is going to look great.

As of yesterday’s final version, the book is 181 pages long.



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