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Discovering Wattpad

I heard about a site called Wattpad from another writer I follow on Goodreads. It’s a site where you can read other people’s writing, or post your own. It’s a little like blogging, too, in that others can also comment on your postings. It seemed like something fun to try.

I’m posting sections of the third Jamie Brodie mystery, which I’m writing now and which will be published (at┬áleast, that’s the plan)┬ánext December. I’ll post a new section each week. I’d love for people to comment and let me know what they think. The search function doesn’t work very well, but if you search for the title “Hidden to Death” in quotes, under the Mystery subject heading, you should find it.

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Better late than never!

I got a little off track over the spring due to some health issues, and got behind on writing and editing the sequel to Cited to Death, which is called Hoarded to Death. But I’m back on my feet, and last week I finished what I’m calling the “final first draft.” I had trouble finding an ending, but I think I have now. I sent it out to the beta-readers yesterday, and they have until June 18 to get back to me with their critiques. My goal originally was to publish in June, but now the goal is the end of July.

I’ve contacted the cover artist and she’s working on my idea. It’s coming together, finally…

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