Formatting for Kindle

After Hoarded to Death went live yesterday, I downloaded it to my own Kindle to see how it looked. (I have Amazon Prime, so I “borrowed” it.) Overall, I’m very pleased. I did catch two mistakes that I didn’t see before. I swear…six different people read the book, my copyeditor didn’t catch it, I didn’t catch it…there is a double quotation mark in one spot where it shouldn’t be, and there is a place where something happened “today” that should have been “yesterday.”

I hope you all will forgive me. 🙂

For Cited to Death, the first book, I followed the instructions that I had from a book on self-publishing and uploaded the manuscript saved as an html file. This time, I forgot to do that, and submitted the .docx file – and it turned out better. There are paragraph indentations, and the line spacing looks good.

There are a couple of spots where the indentations didn’t come through. And – the weirdest thing – there is one sentence that has a box around it. I have no idea how that happened. I certainly didn’t do that myself!

So, overall I’m very pleased. Except for that box…:/

Hoarded to Death

When Jamie Brodie agrees to help his ex-sister-in-law Jennifer clean her hoarded apartment, the last thing he expects to find in the hoard is a dead body – and what the dead man was clutching in his hand might be the answer to a thousand-year-old mystery. As Jamie and the police investigate, they uncover a hoard of secrets – but the biggest secret of all belongs to Jamie’s boyfriend, Pete. Suddenly Jamie is searching for the answers to three questions: who killed the man in Jennifer’s apartment? Is the paper in his hand real? And can Jamie’s relationship with Pete survive?


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7 responses to “Formatting for Kindle

  1. Jackie Wachob

    Hi Meg. I’m having a problem with the formatting for Hoarded to Death. The paragraphs aren’t indented and since the line spacing is the same between and within the paragraphs it’s very annoying to try to read. I had the same issue with Cited to Death, but only for the first 5-6 pages. After that, the paragraphs still weren’t indented but there was extra spacing between them so it looked quite nice & was easy to read. With Hoarded, the problem seems to be all the way through.

    Any suggestions? Or if I give you proof of my Amazon purchase, can a get a different type of file from you?

    Thanks, Jackie

    • Hi, Jackie – I’m not positive about this, but I think it has to do with the model of Kindle you have. I have an older Kindle 2, and it looked fine. I’m sorry you’re having issues….I’m not sure how to correct it from my end. But if you send me a proof of purchase, I’ll be happy to send you a PDF file of the book. I’m glad you want to read it so badly!

      Just to let you know, I’m on vacation until the end of next week, with just an iPad and none of my files, so I wouldn’t be able to get it to you until the 12th.

  2. Jackie Wachob

    Hi Meg. I have the one that’s just called Kindle ( They still sell them; it’s only 1 1/2 yrs old. Thanks for the offer of a pdf but that won’t help me. They’re too tiny to read as is & I haven’t found a way to remove title/author/page# when I use any conversion software so they pop up all through the text.

    I’ve been playing around running this file through Calibre & had the paragraphs spaced nicely but it cut off the very end, about the last 2 pages. Don’t know why. Still working on it.

    I had hoped to read future books in the series, but this makes it difficult. Any plans to offer more formats through Smashwords?

  3. I know what you mean about the PDF. It looks like I am going to have to use Smashwords. The different types of Kindles don’t seem to work together when it comes to formatting. I’ll start working on that when I get back and post here when I get it done.

    • Jackie Wachob

      Great! I hope Smashwords works out for you.

      I don’t mean to bug you on your vacation, but just to update you, I was able to solve my problem. There was probably a better way, but I’m pretty proud of myself since I’m not very tech savvy. Anyway….. No matter what kind of file I converted it too, it cut off mid-word in about the middle of the last chapter (approx 5 kindle pages from the end). So I converted it to RTF and manually typed in the end, reading the file (ASZ3) from the kindle. Then I converted that RTF to MOBI and it had the paragraphs spaced!

      If it had been any more than 5 pages, I don’t know what I would’ve done, but I think I’m all set now. In any event, I will leave you alone to enjoy your time off. Ta!

  4. That is so weird! I will never understand why things like that happen. But I’m glad it worked for you!

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