The Wattpad experience

I’ve been working on the third Jamie Brodie mystery for a while now. It was to be titled Hidden to Death, and I’ve been posting segments on Wattpad. I’ve had to revise once, and then add an explanation instead of a second revision – and now everything has changed again.

I find that I’m not good at posting a work in progress in serial format. I do too much revising as I go, which often requires changes to what’s already been posted. It confuses the poor readers!

I am going to continue to post Hidden to Death. A lot of the mystery is written, and I want to finish it. I am going to publish it later. But – it won’t be the next book out.

I’ll tell you more about the third book in a few days. But for now, I’ll keep posting Hidden to Death on Wattpad. It won’t be published, though, for quite a while…



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