A preview of coming events

I’m a planner. At least I like to have a plan. My plan doesn’t always work out – does anyone’s? But I’ve found that if I have at least the outline of a plan in place, then it’s easier to shift gears when the plan needs to be changed.

I’m not sure yet how many Jamie Brodie mysteries there will be. I know which one will be the last, but it’s not clear yet how many will come in between. But I wanted to give you all an idea of what I have planned – so here’s the plan for the series. Subject to change as needed.

  1. Cited to Death – Jamie solves the mystery of his friend Dan Christensen’s death. Already published.
  2. Hoarded to Death – Jamie and Pete find a dead body in Jamie’s ex-sister-in-law’s hoarded apartment. Already published.
  3. Remembered to Death – A friend of Pete’s commits suicide, and Pete asks Jamie to find out why.
  4. Researched to Death – Jamie’s ex Ethan asks Jamie to solve the mystery of a missing medieval medical text.
  5. Encountered to Death – The body of a TV personality is found in the locked lobby of the federal govt. building where Pete’s brother Steve works. Jamie and Pete help figure out how it got there.
  6. Stacked to Death – Work-study students start turning up dead in the library stacks.
  7. Classified to Death – Jamie and Pete go to Washington DC for Jamie’s grandfather’s funeral, and get tangled in a mystery involving the Library of Congress.
  8. Pictured to Death – A mystery involving the identity of someone in an old picture of coal miners.
  9. Hidden to Death – One of Jamie’s childhood friends has been arrested for murder. Did he do it?
  10. Psyched to Death – This will involve Pete’s work, somehow – and we’ll finally meet Pete’s evil mother.
  11. Played to Death – a musical mystery with a wedding theme (hint hint) in which we’ll finally meet Jamie’s oft-mentioned ex-boyfriend Scott. This will be the last of the series, regardless of how many others might get added in there…

In terms of timing, the plan is to publish every six months. If I can do it more quickly, I will. I’m working on Remembered to Death now (more on that later), and Hidden to Death is close to done. I wrote Researched to Death last November during NaNoWriMo, so it just needs revision.

I have to go – I have some writing to do! 🙂


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