A cool new toy

I have a friend at work who is a first adopter. He was the first of our group to get a smart phone, a Kindle, an iPad, etc., and he’s always looking for new things. And sometimes he sucks me into his excitement as well.

A couple of weeks ago he came into work and said to me, “I’ve got to show you this.” What he had was a keyboard to use with an iPad. He set it up on his desk and started typing. He said, “You need one of these.” And he was right.

I’m typing on it now. It’s the coolest little thing. It works with Bluetooth, so it works anywhere. And the best thing about it is that it pretty much replaces my laptop. I’m able to write anywhere now without hauling my laptop around. And it also acts as a cover for the iPad when it’s not in action. It has the same metal strip that holds it on as my regular cover.

I have a program on my iPad called Quick Office (it wasn’t free) that allows me to edit Word docs on the iPad. It also syncs with Dropbox, which is where I back up my writing. So while I’m here in England, all I have to do is get out the keyboard, connect it and start writing or editing. This will especially come in handy when I’m in Oxford, looking for real locations in which Jamie will have adventures in my fourth book.

And I’ve decided that the boys have to come to Scotland. Both Pete and Jamie are of Scottish descent; maybe they can come here to research their roots. And there will be a bog body. 😀

Although Pete and Jamie live in LA, I’ve never been there personally (although I have a friend who goes a couple of times a year, and takes pictures for me when he does). It will be nice to write about a location where I’ve already been.

And I can do it with my new keyboard.


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