Have book, need title

The first draft for Jamie Brodie Mystery #3 is done! It’s going to be the shortest book so far. Cited to Death was 48,000 words and Hoarded to Death was around 54,000. The third book is about 42,000. But that was all I needed – the story was done. I’m not going to include filler just for the sake of word count.

The thing about #3 is that I have no title! The working title was Remembered to Death. I decided I didn’t care for that one, as it didn’t really have anything to do with the mystery. My writing partner suggested Haunted to Death, but I thought I might want to use that at some other time. (I can see Jamie getting involved in a haunted house mystery at some point.) So now I need a title.

I still have to ask my primary beta-reader. He’s the one who came up with Cited to Death for the first book, and he’s good at titles. I’m also having a reading for my writing group on October 1, so they might have some good ideas too.

But this is the first time I’ve finished a first draft without a title. It feels weird.


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