Social media: a full time job

I’ve read some things – mostly other blog posts – about publicizing yourself as a writer. Some of them have sounded reasonable, some haven’t. Most of them emphasize participation in social media. I agree, it’s a great idea. I just wish I had time to do everything they recommend.

In terms of social media, I mostly do what I’m doing right now. I blog. I have other blogs on other subjects in my other life, and I don’t find it onerous to keep up with. I have my blog connected to my Twitter feed, my Amazon page, and my Goodreads page. So even if I don’t get to those sites in any other way, at least they get updated when I blog.

But – that’s about it. If I was to actively participate on all those other sites, it would take a couple of hours a day, I think, to do it well. Maybe once I got started, it wouldn’t be as long. I tend to be the most interested in Goodreads, because I was a a reader first, and I’m still a reader. Any extra effort I put forth will probably be there. But – I sell my books on Amazon. Should I pay more attention to that?

And then there’s Facebook. I started a Facebook page under this name, but so far I’ve done almost nothing with it. I may decide to get more involved with it, or I may not. I haven’t decided yet.

It makes me tired just thinking about it! I have a day job, and I have to find time to write – and then work in the social media thing, too? Even full-time writers must struggle with finding time for social media. For me? I think the best thing for me is to pick one or two and stick with them.

So what should I do about Facebook? Hm.


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