We have a title!

Book #3 was a toughie in terms of choosing a title. Originally, the title was Hidden to Death – but then the plot changed completely, and that title no longer worked. I’m going to use it, with the discarded plot, later.

I usually come up with the title at the same time as the idea for the story. Cited to Death and Hoarded to Death were easy. Books four and five were easy to name. But not this one.

The working title of the new book was Remembered to Death. I wasn’t crazy about that, as it didn’t really reflect the plot. But I, and my critique partners, had a terrible time coming up with something better. One suggested Haunted to Death, which fit with the story – but I could see myself using that in the future for a Jamie/Pete ghost story.

Yesterday, I sat down with two of my critique partners and got out the thesaurus. We looked up the word haunted – and there it was. Burdened. It fits perfectly.

So book three is going to be called Burdened to Death. And it should be out by mid-October.


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