Ready for NaNo!

The sixth book in the Jamie Brodie mystery series will be called Psyched to Death. It will begin when a dead body is found in Pete’s department – the psychology department – at Santa Monica College. This will also be the book where Pete’s evil mother will make a reappearance of sorts. 

I wasn’t planning to write this book next, but I realized about a week ago that it needed to be next (after Researched to Death, which is in edits now and will be published by the end of January, and Encountered to Death, which is mostly written but going on the back burner until December). So I signed up for NaNoWriMo with the intention of writing Psyched to Death. 

And here we are, on Halloween and NaNo Eve! I’m psyched! (Psyched! Get it? 🙂 )

You can follow my progress via the widget in the right column.

Meanwhile, Burdened to Death and Cited to Death are both in Amazon’s top 100 in gay mystery! (Hoarded to Death was there yesterday. Those numbers change fast!) Woo hoo!


Burdened to Death

Burdened to Death


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