Role playing a scene

I have a great writing partner. His name is Chris and he’s a writing specialist and the coordinator of our college writing center, which is conveniently downstairs from my office. We try to meet every day at lunch (schedules permitting) to talk about what we’re currently working on. Chris writes screenplays in the Star Trek universe, and since I’m a Trekker of sorts, I know enough about the species and backstory to help him. He’s read every word I’ve written so far, and knows Pete and Jamie as well as I do.

In Psyched to Death, the book I’m writing during NaNoWriMo (i.e. the book I’m writing NOW), Jamie’s boyfriend Pete has to make a decision. His evil mother has contacted his sister, asking all three children to come to her deathbed. She won’t say why. I knew I wanted this to happen, but I wasn’t sure whether I would have Pete go to see his mother or not. He has every reason not to – but I wasn’t sure what he would decide to do.

Until the other day.

We were talking about planning and plot for Psyched to Death, and I told Chris about Pete’s dilemma. He said, “Why don’t we role play it?” So we did. He played Pete, and I played the sister and then Jamie. We recorded it with his iPad, so I wouldn’t have to take notes while we were doing it or try to remember it to write down afterward.

And now I know what Pete will do. Because Jamie (me) asked Pete (Chris), and Pete answered. And it was the right answer.

It was so cool. And all I have to do is transcribe the recording, and I’ve got my scene.

So cool. 🙂


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