NaNo update

Whew! I was too busy writing to blog for the past three weeks. But, as you can see from the NaNo widget, I reached the 50,000 mark, and the first draft of the novel is done. It actually came in at about 46,000 words, but rather than try to stretch it, I decided to write a Christmas story that wraps up one of the threads in the novel. It won’t come out this Christmas, because it happens after Psyched to Death, so it can’t be published until after Psyched to Death is published. Probably next fall – then the Christmas story will be right on time.

Researched to Death will be the next book published, and I just sent it to the beta readers yesterday. We have nearly three weeks off over Christmas (the joys of working in academia) and they’ll have time to read it then. I hope to have it published by mid-January. I started looking at images for the cover today and think I found a couple of good ones – but I want to get some other opinions before I decide for certain.

Now that NaNo is over (for me), I’ll take a break for the rest of November and just READ. Other than, you know, maybe writing a short scene here or there for upcoming stories, if they come to me. 😀 This morning I wrote a scene which will appear in a much later book – a couple of Jamie’s old boyfriends meet, with interesting consequences. And no, I’m not going to say which two.

Once I get back from Thanksgiving vacation, I’ll pick up Encountered to Death and start working on it again.


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