The cover for Psyched to Death

Here it is:

Psyched cover 1

Who killed Matt Bendel? The police suspect his partner, Elliott Conklin, the assistant chair of the psychology department at Santa Monica College. Elliott was found with the body, covered in blood – and he doesn’t have an alibi. Elliott wants Pete Ferguson to help clear his name. But Pete doesn’t have time – he’s had to take over one of Elliott’s classes – and he thinks Elliott might be guilty.

Jamie Brodie isn’t so sure. Matt had a secret that may have gotten him killed. The investigation of that secret leads to someone from Jamie’s past – and another death that will change Jamie forever.



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14 responses to “The cover for Psyched to Death

  1. m.

    Does it mean that the new book will be out in 2 days??That worked before after cover reveal 🙂


    I cannot wait. Jamie is becoming a friend and colleague 🙂

  3. m.

    when? when? when????

    • I HOPE tomorrow. My editor’s computer crashed and he was supposed to pick up the replacement yesterday. As soon as he finishes…you’ll be the first to know! I’m so happy that you’re looking forward to the book!

  4. Oh no! 😀 I just got a message from the editor that he had 20 more pages, so I should have it by morning. Will definitely publish tomorrow if that’s the case.

    • m.

      Your morning is my afternoon so I can even have some extra work done 🙂

      • 😀 Once I do publish it’ll take Amazon a few hours to make it available. I just checked email and the editor hasn’t sent it yet. At this rate it may be tomorrow. I’m as anxious as you are!

  5. This is exciting!! I found the stories on Amazon and am most definitely hooked!!!

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