What does Jamie look like?

A couple of my readers have mentioned that, after six books, they’re forgetting what Pete and Jamie look like. I’ve described them briefly here and there, but I suppose it’s been a while. I have such a clear picture of them in my mind, especially Jamie, that I forget to mention it.

Here are the basics. Jamie is 6’2″ and weighs about 185. He – all the Brodies – tend toward the thin side. (I hate them! šŸ˜€ ) When the stories began, Jamie hadn’t been playing rugby for several years and so had lost some of the muscularity that he’d had in college, although he’d maintained his cardiovascular fitness. Now he’s been swimming for a while, and his shoulders are starting to broaden again.

Jamie was blond as a kid, and his hair has gradually darkened a bit – now it’s sandy to dark blond, with lighter blond streaks from the sun and pool. His eyes are hazel but sometimes look more green, and they have odd gold flecks in the irises. (I had a friend in high school with eyes like that – it was striking.) He has high cheekbones and freckles – 48, Pete counted them – sprinkled across his nose and cheeks. He looks younger than he is. His hair isn’t long, but it’s long enough that Pete can wind it around his fingers and make curls.

Pete is 6’4″, weighs about 210. He’s been lifting in the gym while Jamie swims, and has a fantastic body – although he doesn’t fully realize that. Dark brown – but not black – hair, eyes the color of milk chocolate. He tans easily (sneak peek ahead: his coloringĀ is due to a Native American great-grandmother). In terms of facial structure, I see Pete as classically handsome. He could model if so inclined. His hair is longer than when he was a cop, but not much – maybe a couple of inches, definitely shorter than Jamie’s.

Both Pete and Jamie are clean-shaven. Pete was a cop for so long that it feels wrong to him to not shave; Jamie was raised by Marines and therefore also feels unkempt if he doesn’t shave. I hate mustaches, so none of my regular characters will ever have one. If I give someone a mustache, it’s because I don’t like them. They may end up dead. šŸ˜€

I haven’t found an image that depictsĀ either Pete or Jamie the way that I see them in my head. HOWEVER, meet Kevin Brodie:

I found this onĀ http://ohbythewayblog.blogspot.com/2011/06/beauty-men_16.html.

Jamie looks a lot like Kevin, but doesn’t quite have those arms and shoulders. (Kevin’s a baseball catcher, remember.) Kevin’s hair is shorter because he’s a cop but I think he sports the stubble when he can get away with it.

What do you all think? What do you have pictured for Jamie, Pete, or any of the other characters?




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