The Ex Files: Nick

After graduating from Oxford, Jamie moved to L.A. to attend library school. He had a brief (three month) fling with Dan Christensen, who I’m not going to detail here. If you want to know about Dan, read Cited to Death. 😀

After Dan, Jamie met Nick Taggart, a graduate student in cinematography at UCLA. We haven’t met Nick yet, but we will. Jamie was dating Nick when Pete broke up with Luke the first time. Pete liked Nick, or in his words, “at least as much as I liked any of the guys you dated.”

Without further ado, meet Nick Taggart.

Looks: 5’11”, slender, brown hair, brown eyes; wears his hair long, in a braid that goes about halfway down his back. Nick has Native American heritage.

Born: Laramie, Wyoming, 1976.

Parents: Father a veterinarian who taught at University of Wyoming; mother a homemaker. Nick was raised Mormon but left the church when he left home for college. His parents keep hoping he’ll return to the faith, in spite of Nick’s assurances that it will never happen.

Siblings: one older brother, one younger sister.

Education: Laramie High School, graduated 1994

UCLA, 1994-8; BA in photography

UCLA, 2006-8; MFA in cinematography

Between his bachelor’s degree and getting his MFA, he worked as a bartender in West Hollywood and a wedding photographer; built a reputation as an LGBT wedding photographer

Employment: now works as freelance cinematographer; makes his own short films with a couple of friends; still tends bar and does weddings.

Personality: Friendly, open, creative, environmentalist, enjoys the outdoors. Jamie told Pete that he learned to communicate as a couple from Nick.

Current relationship: Nick is now married to Mac Burnham, the guy who’d caught his eye when he and Jamie broke up. They’ve been together for six years. Mac is a voice-over actor, a few years older than NIck.

Fun fact: Nick and Kevin’s girlfriend Abby are friendly acquaintances.


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