The Ex Files: Alex and Eric

After Nick split up with Jamie, Pete was also single, and he and Jamie dated for about eight months. As we know now, Pete’s ex, Luke, began campaigning for Pete to take him back very shortly after Pete and Jamie began dating. Pete was also the caretaker for his great-uncle Arthur, whose health was failing, and was in the middle of his Ph.D. program. It was a stressful time for Pete. It was a stressful time for Jamie also – newly minted as a librarian, trying to get off to a good start in his new job – and Abby had just moved in with Jamie and Kevin, complicating his life somewhat.

When Luke finally wore Pete down, Pete split with Jamie. Kevin and Pete had a falling out as a result, and neither Jamie nor Kevin saw Pete for a while. Jamie began dating again…

Alex Schuncke

Looks: 5’10”, light brown hair, blue eyes, wears glasses, average looking.

Born: Anaheim, California, 1984

Parents: Father a doctor, mother a nurse

Siblings: one sister

Education: Oxford Academy (high school), Cypress, CA; graduated 2002

UCLA; B.A. in Linguistics and French, 2006. He is also fluent in German, thanks to a year spent there in high school, and in Spanish.

UCLA; MLIS, 2008

Employment: UC-Irvine Libraries

Relationship with Jamie: Jamie and Alex were classmates throughout library school and became friends. Alex was still dating his college sweetheart through library school, but in early 2008, they split up – at the same time Pete broke up with Jamie. Alex and Jamie were both disillusioned with relationships; they commiserated, and one thing led to another. They decided to try dating but only lasted about six months because of basic personality differences and not enjoying many of the same activities. They remain friends, though.

Personality: If you look in the dictionary for the definition of “bookworm,” there’s Alex’s picture. He is the ultimate voracious reader. He’d rather read than do almost anything else. (Almost.) He made straight A’s from grade school through grad school except for B’s in phys ed. He never played a sport and doesn’t care for outdoors activities.

Current relationship: dating a resident in neurology at UC-Irvine Medical Center. This boyfriend works long hours, so Alex has plenty of time to read.


Pete never met Alex. By the time Pete and Kevin were speaking to each other again, Jamie was dating Eric.


Eric Padilla

Looks: 6’0”, dark brown hair and eyes. Lifts weights, in shape.

Born: Los Angeles, 1977

Parents: Owned a restaurant. Three uncles were firefighters.

Siblings: Eric is the fourth of five children.

Education: Garfield HS, Los Angeles, graduated 1995

EMT training at East Los Angeles College 1996

LAFD Fire Academy 1999

UCLA paramedic program 2001

Employment: LAC-USC Medical Center ER as an EMT; LAFD as a firefighter since 2000 and a firefighter/paramedic since 2002

Relationship with Jamie: Jamie met Eric in 2009 while standing in line at the Mystery Bookstore in Westwood (now closed). In addition to mysteries they also both enjoyed sports and the outdoors. Eric, however, was needy and clingy, texting Jamie several times an hour when they weren’t together. Jamie stayed with Eric for about a year because they did have a lot in common, their work schedules kept them apart a good bit so that Jamie didn’t have to deal with the neediness in person very much, and Eric lived just a couple of blocks away – it was very convenient. Another issue was that Eric wasn’t out to his family or at work. Jamie didn’t like having to hide. They both finally got tired of each other; Eric was the one who pulled the plug but Jamie would have eventually.


We met Alex in Burdened to Death, when Jamie sought his advice about Pete’s idea for an open relationship. We haven’t met Eric yet but will soon.


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