The Ex Files: Scott

And so we come to Scott. We first heard of Scott at the very beginning of Cited to Death, when Jamie tells of his latest boyfriend breaking up with him in the hospital. Not a good first impression! Scott gets mentioned by someone or another in nearly every book, and we’ll finally meet him – and get to know him very well – in Played to Death, which is Jamie Brodie Mystery #10. Without further ado…say hello to Scott Deering.

Looks: 6’0”, blond, blue eyes. Slender but strong – he doesn’t work out, but a cello is heavy.

Born: 1978, Bryn Mawr, PA

Parents: old money Main Line Philadelphia. Father a banker, mother a socialite. Scott’s parents divorced when he was twelve but shared custody. Both parents pushed Scott to practice in lieu of any other activities, and he didn’t have a lot of friends growing up. They also trotted him out for command performances when they were hosting parties – he particularly hated this. Scott’s parents were unsurprised when he came out to them but also mostly indifferent. Like Ethan, Scott misses the relationship he had with Jamie’s dad (although it was never as close as Ethan’s relationship with Dave).

Siblings: none.

Education: The Shipley School (private K-12), 1996

Juilliard, Bachelor of Music in Cello, 2000

Eastman School of Music, Master of Music in Performance and Literature, Cello, 2002

Employment: Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, 2002-7

Los Angeles Philharmonic, 2007-present

Relationship with Jamie: Jamie met Scott in late 2010 at an AIDS Project Los Angeles benefit at which Scott’s string quartet was playing. They began dating in early 2011 and were together for over a year. During that time Jamie had a lot of trouble with his asthma, necessitating several trips to the emergency room. Finally he was hospitalized and that’s when Scott broke up with him, two weeks before Cited to Death begins. They haven’t seen each other since, although Ali and Mel occasionally run into Scott at gay bars around town. Scott formed Jamie into a classical music fan. Liz and Scott were friends; Scott also became friends with Kristen Beach, another UCLA librarian.

Personality: Scott began music lessons at age three and from that time forward his life was defined by lessons, practice and performance. Like many child prodigies, Scott had some difficulty finding his footing in the real world, but a couple of his orchestra mates in Jacksonville took him under their wings and helped him grow up a good bit. He pretends disdain for Los Angeles when it’s fashionable to do so, but in reality loves Southern California and hopes he never has to leave. Scott is not as shallow or self-centered as he comes across – as Jamie’s friends all think he is. He was terrified by Jamie’s unstable asthma and felt helpless to do anything about it, so he turned away instead.

And there you have it, everything I know about Jamie’s ex-boyfriends. I’m not going to bother with Dan Christensen, because he’s dead, and I refuse to speak any further about Luke, Pete’s ex, because he’s such a lowlife. 😀



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