Details, details

Now that the next book in the Jamie Brodie Mystery series, Stacked to Death, is with the beta-readers, I’m working out the plot lines for the book after that, Stoned to Death. Jamie and Pete go to the UK for their month-long vacation, to investigate the disappearance of Pete’s great-great-grandfather in 1915. The investigation will take them from Oxford, England, up to the Orkney islands at the very top of Scotland. Stoned to Death will include a lot of relationship stuff between Pete and Jamie, too.

The setting includes a lot of places that I’ve been myself – Oxford, Orkney, Iona, Edinburgh, Fort William, and more. I’ll be writing part of it while I’m actually in England, walking across the country on the Hadrian’s Wall Path. I have the opportunity to include a lot of local color and detail about what the boys are seeing on their travels.

But how much detail? Some readers like details about what Jamie is seeing and doing; some hate them. It’s a balancing act, keeping enough description without going overboard.

How much detail about setting and character movements do you like?



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2 responses to “Details, details

  1. m.

    I love details and to know who did what to whom and when 🙂 also how one can become a beta reader ?

    • Hi M., thanks for chiming in! All of my beta readers are people that I know well, and I work with most of them so I see them every day. Since you ask, though, I think I may post the occasional scene here for comment, especially if there’s something I’m trying to work out. Stay tuned… 😀

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