Good ideas??

First, a quick progress update. Stacked to Death, Jamie Brodie #7, is finished, in that the story is entirely written, but now it’s being edited. Things have been moving slowly right now because my readers and editors all work at the same place I do, and we’re all feverishly getting ready for fall semester, which begins in four weeks.

I’m getting ready to go on location, in a way – I’m going to be walking the 80-mile-long Hadrian’s Wall Path in England over the next two weeks, and while there I’m going to be using a friend’s archaeological expertise to write a big chunk of Stoned to Death, Jamie Brodie #8. 

In November I’m going to use NaNoWriMo again to write #9, Talked to Death.

#10 will be called Filmed to Death, and #11 will be Played to Death.

Beyond that…

People keep giving me ideas for Jamie Brodie mysteries. Sometimes it’s just a title and I have no idea how I’d make it work. Sometimes it’s a one-line synopsis.

Here are some of the other ideas I have. I’d love to know what you all think of these!

Rehabilitated to Death – this was actually the title of a blog post I saw, about deaths at a Chinese camp for people addicted to the internet. I don’t think that’s the scenario I would use. Maybe something to do with “pray away the gay” camps?

Framed to Death – a student or young professor kills someone, and uses social media to frame her ex-boyfriend, a much older man, either a professor or retired.

Surveyed to Death – this idea was born when several of us at work were talking about the number of dumb surveys we get in our email that the administration wants us to complete. This could tie back into Elliott Conklin’s research on survey design.

Promoted to Death – intrigue and murder related to academic promotion. I’m the chair of our college’s faculty promotion committee this year, so this one should be easy.

Accounted to Death – something involving shady business practices that can involve the business librarians at UCLA.

Launched to Death – Jamie, Pete and Steve go to Florida for a rocket launch and get involved with a body found on site.

Forgiven to Death – the man who caused the auto accident that killed Jamie’s mother is released from prison, then found murdered.

Other potential ideas for which I do not have titles:

  • A story involving Jamie’s old boyfriend Eric, the paramedic – something medical.
  • A story involving Jamie’s brother Jeff and either animals or farming

What do you think? Any suggestions out there?



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2 responses to “Good ideas??

  1. Matt

    Accounted to death sounds great! What about a scandal in the acquisitions dept and rebellion against digital titles? Digitised to death?

  2. Ha! I love it! That could involve vendors, too… 😀

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