The pre-order experiment: results

When Amazon decided to allow independent authors the choice of offering their books for pre-order, I decided I’d try it with Stacked to Death. Why not, right? 🙂 I didn’t realize until I signed up that I’d have to have the final version of my book uploaded ten full days before the publication date, or that I’d have to upload a complete rough draft at the time I signed up.

No problem, right? I pushed the date out far enough and signed up.

I just uploaded the final version, ready for publishing, this morning, six days ahead of schedule. BUT it was a nerve-wracking experience. First, my editor’s laptop developed issues which Macs are not supposed to have. On top of that, my own laptop is an elderly Toshiba that runs Vista, and doesn’t reliably recognize the wireless signal in my house.


So the book is uploaded and ready to go. If you pre-ordered it, it will appear on schedule on 10/15 in your Kindles or apps.

But I’m not sure I’ll do this again. Too many things can go wrong with technology! It’s advantageous to me, because the book has the potential to make the Top 100 Gay Mystery list twice – once at the time of pre-order (which it did, getting to number 7, thank you!!) and once at the time of actual purchase.

But I don’t enjoy having my nerves wracked. 😀


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