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54,506 words



I don’t know why the PDF itself won’t load. But it looks cool.

Not all of those 54,506 are on Talked to Death – a few of them leak over into Avenged to Death.

More later…


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A writer’s work is never done!

Whew! I’m deep into NaNoWriMo, keeping ahead of the pace so far, writing Talked to Death, Jamie Brodie Mystery #9. In the meantime, I’m presenting Stoned to Death to my writing group for critique this week and next week – I’m recording the comments, as I won’t have time to do any editing on Stoned before NaNo is over.

All this in addition to the day job, which takes up eight hours a day… 😀

I’ve also been asked by a friend, a middle-school writing teacher, to talk to her students who have signed up for NaNo. I’m looking forward to that.

And, I’m going to start editing the earlier books for Smashwords. Cited to Death is already there, but none of the others are available on anything but Kindle right now. So I’m going to make that happen – gradually.

It’s still fun!

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