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In my fiction writers’ group at work the other day, we were talking about self-publishing and the inclusion of photos or drawings in our books. None of us have done it successfully. One of my friends wanted to include a drawing. He read the instructions, followed them step by step, checked it three times – and the picture still didn’t show. Another wanted to include an author photo, but could never get it to show on the Kindle page.

And that’s just the Kindle experience. I’m sure Smashwords is equally problematic.

Stoned to Death, Jamie Brodie Mystery #8, will be out in January. (With any luck.) Since it takes place in another country, and involves family history (Pete’s this time) and travel, I wanted to include some things – a family tree, some maps. Those things, especially the family tree, will help readers figure out who’s who and who’s where.

But if I can’t figure out how to get them into the book – what to do? Then, of course, it hit me – duh! I have a blog!

What I’m going to do is create a new page for each book to come, with supplemental material. For Stoned to Death I’ll have maps, pictures, that Ferguson family tree, even a playlist. (I am totally stealing that idea from Josh Lanyon.) I’m going to get the page started before the book is published, so you’ll get – not a sneak peek, but an idea of the flavor of a book.

Let me know what you think.



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2 responses to “Supplemental material

  1. Sharon Cox

    This sounds a great idea. I like the idea of looking at extra information.
    Will this book only be available from Amazon or will I be able to buy it from another source – possibly Smashwords or Allromance? If at all possible I don’t want to buy from Amazon as I can only read books from there on my iPad.

    • It will be available through Smashwords, but not right off the bat. I want to get the older books published there first, and I won’t be able to get all of them done by January. I hope you enjoy the extras!

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