Writing is weird sometimes…

Right now the next-to-final draft of Stoned to Death is getting fact-checked by a British archaeologist friend of mine, and the first draft of Talked to Death (produced during NaNoWriMo) is being read by a friend. While those things are happening, I’m writing the first draft of Avenged to Death, Jamie Brodie Mysteries #10.

Sometimes writing is a struggle. Stoned to Death was a good example of that. I knew what I wanted to make happen, but I had a real problem figuring out how to do that. With the help of my fiction writing group I think I figured it out, but it was a long slog.

Talked to Death was done quickly, but only because it was NaNo and I knew I had to get those 50K words on (electronic) paper. But it’s going to be a tricky one to finish, too. There are lots of moving parts and I’m not sure they’re moving in the right direction yet at all.

So, for me, sometimes writing is sort of a grind. The “grind” books are still fun, but it’s certainly more aggravating.

And then, sometimes, it’s not a grind at all.

Avenged to Death is pouring out of me. POURING. The concept for it didn’t even occur to me until four months ago, and it’s

Pouring, I tell you.

Pouring, I tell you.

been begging to be written ever since. When I’d finished the story on Talked to Death during NaNo and wasn’t at 50K yet, I started writing the scenes for Avenged that were hollering in my head to be let loose. Once NaNo was over I turned my attention to Avenged, and I’ve been writing, writing, writing ever since.

It’s a good thing that I’m on break for the holidays, because I have to WRITE. I’m at 33K words already and there are far more to come. It’s a complicated story too, but all the pieces are falling into place.

It’s a weird feeling, but I’m rolling with it.


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