A look back, a look ahead

It’s that time of year, isn’t it? Time to look back on the events of the past year and time to look forward to plans for the coming year. It’s a useful exercise, I think – a way to account for what’s happened and what’s to come.

It was a good year for me, writing-wise. I published four books: Researched to Death in January, Encountered to Death in March, Psyched to Death in May, and Stacked to Death in October. I won NaNoWriMo for the third year in a row, hammering out the first rough draft of Talked to Death, and I finished Stoned to Death, which is being vetted by my archaeologist friend over the holidays and should be published by the end of January.

My original plan, when I started with Cited to Death back in 2012, was to write and publish two books a year. I had no idea I’d become an overachiever in that area! But writing Jamie’s stories is still so much fun. I don’t know how long I can continue to write 3.5 books per year, but 2015 is looking pretty good.

Stoned to Death, as I said, should be out by the end of January. I’m shooting for May with Talked to Death. (I feel pretty certain it won’t be before that. The spring semester is going to be incredibly busy for me at work, and I may be forced to do my research on my own time. Darn. 🙂 ) Avenged to Death should be ready by early fall. After Avenged comes Played to Death. I’d love to have that out by next Christmas, but work may interfere again – I’m up for promotion next year and have all kinds of things I have to do for that.

To summarize: Stoned to Death, January. Talked to Death, May?? Avenged to Death, September?? Played to Death, December??

I’ll probably end up doing NaNo again. Every year when it’s over I think, “I don’t know if I want to do that again!” Then when late October rolls around, I change my mind. We’ll see. Right now, I don’t know what I’ll be ready to write at that time.

Looking into the more distant future…Played to Death will wrap up a few story lines, but it won’t be the end of Pete and Jamie’s adventures. I have a few more in mind:

Pictured to Death – Jamie digs into his mom’s family background and finds some surprises – and an unsolved mystery.

Filmed to Death – murder on the set of a TV show. This one will involve Abby, her no-good ex-husband, Jamie’s old boyfriend Nick (a cinematographer), and the director that used to work for Dixon Gill in Encountered to Death.

Accounted to Death – shady business dealings lead to murder.

Launched to Death – Steve invites Pete and Jamie to a launch at Cape Canaveral, which gets delayed because of a murder. (This will allow me to put the boys in a setting I’m far more familiar with – Central Florida.)

Another one doesn’t have a title yet, but will take place in Washington DC and involve the Library of Congress.

Will that be the lineup for 2016? I’m not sure. I don’t know which order those will be in, either. But they’re already bubbling around in my mind, so they will happen.

Stay tuned!



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2 responses to “A look back, a look ahead

  1. Jennifer Vranek

    Thanks for such prolific and smart writing. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the series – which I only discovered, by the way, because of Kindle Unlimited. You can count my readership (and later purchases) in the KU win column.

    I love Pete’s vulnerability and insecurities – and yet he remains utterly masculine. His breakthrough at the end of the last novel was terrific. You’ve done a great job balancing Jamie’s character as tough and sweet, brave and real (especially after the suicide-by-cop).

    My one constructive comment is that Jamie seems to get off too easy in couples counseling/in his relationship issues with Pete. Yes, he’s the first-person, unreliable narrator, so I get that he might not be sharing his own foibles with the reader, but isn’t there *something* that their therapist thinks Jamie should work on? It seems that therapy is almost exclusively to improve Pete’s inner emotional health and relationship EQ. But surely Jamie has some issues she wants him to work on. It doesn’t strike me as realistic that their very good therapist would let Jamie ‘off the hook.’ Other than the difference in sexual libido, has she identified anything Jamie needs to compromise on, for example?

    Thanks for writing.

    All the best,


    • Hi Jenn, thanks for writing! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series. That’s a good point about the counseling. So far the boys have mostly been working on the sexual incompatibility, and Pete has been trying to be what Jamie wants…but that’s about to change, in the next book, Stoned to Death. Without giving too much away, let’s just say that there’s a shift in emphasis. 😊 Once that happens, I think they’ll start working on some of Jamie’s issues.

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