Blurbs are hard to write!

When one publishes a book, one must have a blurb. Of course. People want to get an idea of what the book is about. But man, are they hard to write! I usually forget until the last minute. This time, for Stoned to Death, I did remember before I actually began publishing the book.

A blurb needs to contain a couple of hints, but no spoilers; be exciting enough to stimulate interest; and not be misleading. I remember reading a blurb on the cover of a Jonathan Kellerman book once. A bit over the top, to say the least! The book was actually good but not nearly as earth-shattering as the blurb had suggested.

Anyway, here’s the blurb for Stoned to Death.

In 1915, farmer and amateur archaeologist Robert Thomson disappeared from Scotland’s Orkney Islands with a priceless Stone Age artifact. A century later, his great-great-grandson, Pete Ferguson, is coming to Scotland with boyfriend Jamie Brodie to meet his distant cousins and investigate Robert’s disappearance. But the homophobia of the Thomson patriarch threatens to derail their quest – and a chance meeting in a pub in Oxford brings Pete and Jamie’s relationship to a turning point.



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5 responses to “Blurbs are hard to write!

  1. Alex

    Great. NOW I want to know whom they meet and what the turning point is…..

  2. Then the blurb did its job… 🙂

  3. Sharon Cox

    The books sounds good and I’m interested. Now the big question – when can I buy it?

  4. Sharon Cox

    @nd question – can I only buy it from amazon or will you have it on Smashwords too?

  5. It will be on Amazon only first, then Smashwords later – maybe by summer. I’m working on getting the backlist onto Smashwords and I want to do it in order. I HOPE this one will be available by Monday. As of Friday the editor had 30 more pages to go, but he’s at a conference this weekend – so I’m hoping he’ll have it finished by Sunday night.

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