There’s a new page in town…

I love working in academia – last week was my spring break. Aaahhhhhh. A lovely week of R&R.

This week has been hectic! Lots of issues to sort out on the job. But now it’s Friday, the issues are sorted – whew.

I’ve created a new page for the blog. If you look at the headings, you’ll see it – The Jamie Brodie Mysteries. I’ve listed each book in order with a picture of the cover, the blurb for the book, and links to the Amazon (and where available, Smashwords) pages.

Encountered to Death will be available on Smashwords soon, probably within the next couple of weeks.

The final draft of Talked to Death, the next book in the series (#9), is now in the hands of my editor. He’s working on a deadline for his own writing, but our goal is to have Talked to Death published by May 1st.

The blurb for the new book is already on the Jamie Brodie Mysteries page, though I don’t have the cover for it yet. Take a look! Talked to Death will also include a short story immediately following, called Hearts.



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7 responses to “There’s a new page in town…

  1. Sharon Cox

    HI Meg,
    Visiting as I wanted to know about the release date for Talked To Death and I’ve got a fairly good prediction so thanks.
    2nd question – is there any chance that this series will be released as audiobooks – my latest obsession.

    • Hi Sharon, I sent the cover photo to my graphic artist yesterday and the editor tells me he’s just a few pages from finished with Talked. So I’m estimating the end of next week. As for audio, that’s funny, someone else just asked me about that! Not yet. I don’t think I have time to write and work my day job and arrange for audio. Maybe next year…

      • Sharon Cox

        Thanks. I’m assuming you will send out a newsletter when the book is ready but I will check back regularly in any case.
        I may have mentioned before that I am a retired high school librarian so I love these books.
        I can wait for the audio…

      • Yes, I’ll post as soon as the book is available. My cover artist works quickly so I should be able to show you the cover early next week.

  2. Sharon Cox

    I went looking for Trapped to Death today and found it at Amazon. Is there any chance that you will be releasing it though another bookseller – e.g. Smashwords or AllRomance. I really don’t like reading books on my iPad although I will if I have to. My ereader is not a Kindle.

  3. Hi Sharon, it should already be available at Smashwords. I scheduled it for release today there too. Try this link:

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