Happy birthday, Jamie Brodie!

Oddly enough, the time span of a Jamie Brodie book has never included Jamie’s birthday, which is May 17. In the Jamie universe, he’s turning 35 today, and he’s in between the events of Avenged to Death (the next book to come) and Played to Death.

What would Jamie do on his birthday? I think he would have spent yesterday, Saturday, hiking with Pete and whatever other friends were able to come, then the gang would gather at Ali and Mel’s house for a cookout-style birthday party. Today, Sunday, he’d go to Oceanside to celebrate with the family. His dad would make shrimp and grits, his favorite meal, and Val would bake a couple of pies rather than a cake. There would be presents – mostly books – then Pete and Jamie would go home for their own private celebration.

A wonderful weekend, if you ask me. ๐Ÿ˜€



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2 responses to “Happy birthday, Jamie Brodie!

  1. Sharon Cox

    Sounds pretty good. Maybe you should include another short story at the end of the next novel. Just finished Talked to Death which I liked. I haven’t done my review yet but it will appear. Looking forward to the next book.

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