What I’m reading now: The Peter Grant Mysteries

One of my coworkers recommended these books, and I’m so glad he did. Peter Grant is a police constable with the Metropolitan Police in London. In the first book, called Midnight Riot in the US and Rivers of London in the UK, Peter is standing guard at a crime scene when he sees a ghost, who describes the killer to him. Peter’s not one to see ghosts; he believes in facts and the scientific method. So it comes as a shock to him to learn that there is a division of the Met, consisting of one man, that investigates deaths that are connected to supernatural events.

Peter is a great character. He’s fully grounded in reality and takes his orders to keep the Queen’s Peace very seriously. But he’s also a horny young guy, snarky, impatient – a fully formed character. I’ve only read the first two books – I believe there are six – but can’t wait to read the rest. They’re so British, which I love. The author is Ben Aaronovitch, who used to write for Dr. Who (bonus!). If you like a good mystery with action and laugh-out-loud moments, you’ll like these books.


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