Getting ahead of myself!

Since I’ve finished the first draft of Filmed to Death, I’ve begun work on the book that will come after that, called Pictured to Death. Filmed tapril-2016-calendar-lo Death takes place in April of 2016; Pictured to Death takes place in June of 2016. Obviously, those months haven’t happened yet! I can’t publish something that hasn’t happened yet. What if The Big One strikes California between now and then? That would certainly influence Pete and Jamie’s lives radically. I couldn’t ignore that.

So far, I’ve published each book around six months after the action in the book “takes place.” That seems to work well. Anything of historical importance has had time to happen and the aftermath has mostly settled out by then.

Filmed to Death is somewhat different, because there’s a longish gap between it and its predecessor, Played to Death. Nine months have passed between the books. Played to Death takes place in June and July of 2015. Those dates have come and gone, and Played to Death will be fine to publish as scheduled, around the end of this year or the beginning of January. Filmed to Death, though, will have to wait until summer of 2016 at least.

Just an interesting thing that I’ve been thinking about this week!


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