Once more unto the breach…

And awaaaaay we go!

And awaaaaay we go!

Yes, it’s that time of year: NaNo time! I officially signed up yesterday. I’m going to use November to write the first draft of Landscaped to Death, which will be JBM #14. You won’t see it for a while – for one thing, it takes place a year from now! For another, there are three more to come before it. So it’ll be closer to two years before publication.

I’ll write the first draft in a month, then put it away and not look at it for several months. It’s always interesting to see how much I end up keeping and how much I end up trashing.

This is my fourth Nano. Researched to Death, JBM #4; Psyched to Death, JBM #6; and Talked to Death, JBM #9, all began life as NaNo books.

I’m itching to get started. 😀


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