It’s Release Day for Played to Death!

Woo hoo! Played to Death is now available for download. If you preordered it, you should have it by now. I hope you enjoy it!

Played cover 1“Having someone get murdered at your wedding has to be the worst.”

Scott Deering, cellist for the Los Angeles Philharmonic, doesn’t usually play weddings. But a friend’s family emergency finds him reluctantly anchoring a college string quartet at the wedding of a couple with more money than taste. When his second violinist goes missing after the ceremony, Scott is determined that the show must go on – until the violinist turns up dead and Scott’s day goes to hell.

Jamie Brodie and Pete Ferguson are attending the lavishly over-the-top wedding of an acquaintance of Pete’s when Jamie spots a ghost from his past in the string quartet – Scott Deering, the last guy he dated before Pete. The murder at the wedding is shocking, but it’s not Jamie’s business – until a theft from the music library at UCLA sucks him into the investigation. All Jamie wants to do is finalize the plans for his own wedding to Pete, but first he has to join forces with Scott to track down a killer – and deal with another ghost that throws everyone’s lives into turmoil.



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12 responses to “It’s Release Day for Played to Death!

  1. Sharon Cox

    Got it yesterday and I’m reading it now. Thanks.

  2. megan

    I will say its one of the best! Mystery was interesting, wedding amazing but what got me hooked was the new relationships forming. One I really like, even of my not big fan of Ethan but as for Kevin Im not sure! I wanted him for myself! 🙂 All the best and as always Im waitting for the next instalment 🙂

  3. No – the next book doesn’t take place until April 2016 so it will release in May 2016. I can’t release it sooner in case California falls into the sea or something before then! That would definitely impact the guys! There will be two free short stories on the blog, one in February and one in March, before the next book comes out.

  4. Megan

    Ordered it, downloaded it, read it, and then realized–again–that I have now read them all. I should have rationed myself from the start…too wise too late. Now shamelessly waiting for the next one…hoping for more Ethan, that rat, and thinking about that home in the desert. It will be amazing!

  5. Read it!! 😀 Still don’t like Ethan….or Scott. :\

    Like Megan said, read it too quick. Now I’ll have to suffer & re-read them all again in order. 😉

  6. Nora

    I kept meaning to read your books and kept putting them off.I just started reading them last week and now on your 4th book.Can I just say I’m addicted to this series.I just love the characters, Jamie &Peter (having been a victim of sexual abuse I can relate to Peters pain and anger).I purchased all the books so far in the series. I just wanted to say thank you for an addictive and wonderfully written series.

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