Looking back, looking forward


“Janus-Vatican” by Fubar Obfusco – Foto taken himself, upload to English wikipedia by Fubar Obfusco. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Janus-Vatican.JPG#/media/File:Janus-Vatican.JPG

Happy New Year to all of you! I hope this year brings you health and peace.

I am so grateful for all of you, my loyal readers! Thank you for all of your kind words over the past year.

Speaking of which – this was quite a year! I spent two weeks in Scotland, prepared and submitted my documentation for promotion from associate professor to professor (the actual promotion will be granted next spring, if all goes well), and I presented at two national conferences and began writing a paper for publication. And that’s just in real life!


In terms of Jamie Brodie…

  • I published Stoned to Death, Talked to Death, Avenged to Death and Played to Death for Kindle.
  • I published Psyched to Death, Stacked to Death and Stoned to Death at Smashwords, so they’re now available for all other types of e-readers and in PDF.
  • We had Christmas in July, with a serialized short story here on the blog over the first ten days of the month (Best Men).
  • I won another Nano, pounding out the first draft of Landscaped to Death (JBM #15) and the outline for Toured to Death (JBM #17).

What’s ahead for 2016? If all goes as planned, another trip to Scotland. (I do love that country.) Here’s what you can look forward to from Jamie:

  • I’m venturing into print! Cited to Death, Hoarded to Death, Burdened to Death and Researched to Death, JBM #1-4, are available in paperback format from CreateSpace as of about 15 hours ago (www.createspace.com). I’ve done some light editing as well, correcting a couple of continuity problems and taking out some unnecessary words. The Kindle and Smashwords versions have also been updated, so if you own the books in electronic format, the edits should have been pushed through to you. (If you weren’t notified of that, let me know.)
  • On Valentine’s Day, we’ll have a romantic short story called Just Right, to be published here on the blog. You’ll get to know a couple of Jamie’s family members better.
  • We’ll celebrate Christmas in March this year, with a short story on the blog called Staff Sgt. Ammo. Pete and Jamie make a big decision. 🙂
  • The first new book of the year will be published in MayFilmed to Death, JBM #12. Jamie takes on Hollywood.
  • This summer I’ll publish Talked to Death, JBM #9, to Smashwords.
  • Also in summer – June, to be precise – the second book of the year, Pictured to Death, JBM #13, will be published in serial format here on the blog, free. Jamie, Pete, and the rest of the family go to Washington, DC, for cousin Tyler’s wedding. It’s not long enough for a full novel, and there’s very little mystery, but there is a lot of family stuff that needed to be told. I didn’t want to disappoint readers who are mainly interested in the mysteries by charging for a short book that isn’t very mysterious. 😀
  • The third book of the year will come out in the fall – probably late October. Landscaped to Death, JBM #14, gets Pete and Jamie involved in two murders.
  • By the time November rolls around I’ll probably be ready to tackle Nano again.
  • If the print versions of the first four books are well-received (and my standards for “well-received” are pretty low), I’ll continue publishing the older books in print throughout the year.

The tentative schedule for the remaining books (at least the ones planned) looks like this:

  • Filmed to Death, JBM #12: takes place in March and April 2016, will be published in May 2016
  • Pictured to Death, JBM #13: takes place in June 2016, will be published June 2016
  • Landscaped to Death, JBM #14: takes place in September-October 2016, will be published in October 2016
  • Promoted to Death, JBM #15: takes place in spring 2017, will be published in late spring or early summer 2017
  • Toured to Death, JBM #16: takes place in summer 2017, will be published in fall 2017
  • Published to Death, JBM #17: takes place in spring 2018, will be published in late spring or early summer 2018
  • Defined to Death, JBM #18: takes place in fall 2018, will be published in late fall 2018
  • Drugged to Death, JBM #19: takes place in spring 2019, will be published in summer 2019
  • Resigned to Death, JBM #20: takes place in January-May 2020, will be published in summer 2020

I’m sure there will be other short stories scattered through there as well.

All this assumes that there are no major changes in my real life!

What comes after Resigned to Death? I have some ideas about that. Stay tuned. 😀



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  1. Sharon cox

    Looks like another busy year. Good luck with everything and I’m looking forward to the new books.

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