Another one bites the dust

No-baggageI’ve been forced to abandon another book.

Well, I wasn’t forced. I did it voluntarily. But I had to do it. Toured to Death is not going to happen.

I wrote the outline for the book as part of NaNoWriMo, and thought it would work. However, when I began actually writing the thing, I realized that I hated it, and you all would too. It was depressing, it was nearly impossible to include any humor, the “tour” would drag us all through Scotland again, and the premise was flawed.

The idea was that Pete’s aunt would give the guys a ten-day tour that she’d won in a raffle. The tour would occur during Jamie’s sabbatical, so he was flatly opposed to it. In order for the book to happen, Pete would have to go against Jamie’s emphatic refusal and say yes to his aunt.

I decided he wouldn’t have done that. So – no tour, no book.

Believe me, we’re all better off. 🙂


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