Thoughts on titles


Another title I enjoy. By CovertAffairs22 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I’ve been lucky with my titles. Only two have been duplicates, that I know of. Played to Death was a title of a mystery written in 2014; it always comes up above my Played to Death in Amazon’s results. Talked to Death was the title of a book about the murder of a radio talk show host, Alan Berg, in Colorado.

I’ve never had too much trouble thinking of titles, once I got past the first one. I went round and round with my friends, trying to decide which of several options would work best for the first title. We finally decided that the “To Death” title would work well for a series. And I think it has.

I’m changing a title now – what was going to be Pictured to Death is going to have another name. I mentioned before that there’s not much mystery and it’s very short, so I’m going to publish it here on the blog. Freebie!! 😀 But keeping the title “Pictured to Death” didn’t seem right, since it wasn’t going to be a published book. I didn’t want people to be confused.

So I’ve changed the name – to Photographs and Memories. Those of you who are around my own age may recognize that as the title of an old Jim Croce album and song. How can I use that, you might ask? Fortunately, titles cannot be copyrighted. That’s why you can have two or more books with the same title, two or more movies, etc. I wouldn’t be able to use the lyrics to a song, but I can use the title.

So, in June, you’ll be getting serialized installments of Photographs and Memories, formerly known as Pictured to Death.

In case you weren’t clear, it’s about photographs. 😀


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