Coming tomorrow! Free serialized novella!

Remember that originally Jamie Brodie #13 was going to be a full-length book called Pictured to Death? Well, that book has undergone a metamorphosis into a novella called Photographs and Memories, and it will be FREE, here on the blog, in serialized format beginning tomorrow. There are 15 segments.

Jamie and his family go to Washington, D.C., for a family reunion and cousin Tyler’s wedding. While there, Jamie hopes to solve the mystery of the photo of coal miners he saw in his friend Sheila Meadows’s office. Is the miner named Jarrell a relative?

There will also be a few songs – not an entire soundtrack, but a few selections – that appear over at the Facebook page on the days with which they correspond.



Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons




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3 responses to “Coming tomorrow! Free serialized novella!

  1. Sharon cox

    I’m looking forward to reading this. Thank-you.

  2. Denise

    Excellent! Can’t wait. 🙂

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