Simplified searching for stories


Tag. By Tubezone at English Wikipedia [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

At the request of one faithful reader, I’ve made it easier to find the short stories on the blog. I created a new category, Short Stories, and tagged each story with its title. Now, if you want to find Best Men, for example, you can search for it by title and it will appear.

I did discover (actually I knew this, and had forgotten) that not all of the stories were published here on the blog. Three of them (Hearts, High Desert and Low Country) only appear within the books – both print and electronic version.

I’ll publish those three on the blog over the next few months, just for consistency’s sake. (Hearts will come first, since it’s the one that generated the request.)

Let me know if this system doesn’t work. And thank you for keeping me on my toes! 😀




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4 responses to “Simplified searching for stories

  1. Lin

    Perhaps, you could create an anthology and price it for a dollar or free?
    Yes, I’m lazy…..

  2. Roger

    I still haven’t located Hearts. Where is this category and search field you mention?

    • Hi, Roger. The category is Short Stories. However – Hearts is contained at the end of the book Talked to Death, in both e-book and print versions. So if you own the book, you should have access. It’s not yet been published on the blog. I intend to do that, but haven’t gotten to it yet.

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