Happy holidays!!

I hope you all are enjoying the final days of the year and are not too busy or stressed! ba37830c6c87f4c725034b2ac6879de4.jpg (693×693)Remember to take care of yourselves!

I have been off since last Friday – one of the perks of working in academia – and have been running errands around town, listening to my Mannheim Steamroller CDs. It’s been almost TOO warm the past few days and hasn’t felt very Christmas-y or solstice-y. Not that I’m complaining – this is the best time of the year in Florida. Christmas Day is supposed to be 78 degrees F and sunny. I may spend the entire day at the beach. 😀

Of course, Jamie and Pete also have the advantage of academic employment, and they’ll be spending the holidays in North and South Carolina with Jamie’s family. Jamie has a few final details to wrap up in his genealogical research for his upcoming sabbatical, so he’ll be visiting county clerks’ offices this week.

On Christmas Day, Pete will get to participate for the first time (for Jamie, it’ll be the first time in a LONG time) in a special Brodie family Christmas Day tradition. What is that? You’ll find out on Christmas Day. Check back here for a Pete and Jamie Christmas coda.

Happy Holidays!


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