Another year older…

naples_fireworks.jpg (500×331)

But – fortunately! – not deeper in debt. (That’s a reference to an old coal mining song called Sixteen Tons, in case you didn’t know.)

This was a good writing year! To recap:

  • Filmed to Death was published in the spring.
  • Photographs and Memories, a serial novella, was published here on the blog in June.
  • Trapped to Death was published about four weeks ago, and is still in the Top 100 on Amazon’s gay mystery bestseller list! Thanks to you all!
  • I participated in and “won” NaNoWriMo again, churning out the first draft of Cloistered to Death, which I have now set aside. It’s not scheduled for publication until fall of 2018.
  • Author Jon Wilson wrote a guest post earlier in the year. If you enjoy gay noir and haven’t read his Cheap as Beasts, please do. It’s fantastic.
  • About three weeks ago I was delighted to be part of Josh Lanyon’s annual Advent Calendar on her blog, with a mashup story between Jamie Brodie land and Adrien English land. Kate Keegan, Jake Riordan’s ex, joins the fun at West LA Homicide.

So what’s ahead for 2017?

  • There will be a Valentine’s Day short story called Great Expectations. Stephen Atcheson gets lucky.
  • Promoted to Death, Jamie Brodie Mystery #14, will be published in late April-early May. Santa Monica College gets embroiled in a promotion scandal, and naturally someone ends up dead.
  • Someone – I’m looking at you, Lin – made the terrific suggestion that I compile and publish all the short stories. So I’m going to! That anthology will include all the shorts from the blog and the books, and a few that haven’t seen the light of day because I never found a place to use them. It will probably land in August.
  • Published to Death, JBM #15, will appear in November. I am having a BLAST writing it, and I think you all will love it. Think of everything that could go wrong at a conference of self-published authors… 😀
  • There will probably be another short story or two along the way, as they come to me.

I hope the coming year is a happy and healthy one for you! Thank you so much for reading!




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3 responses to “Another year older…

  1. Denise

    Raised in southwestern PA, about an hour from the West Virginia border – I know that song, too!

  2. Lin

    OHHH, August Anthology! YES!

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