Inside Pete Ferguson’s Head

I’ve been assembling the short stories for the anthology which will be published next


By Miz.mira (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

summer. I’ve also been writing some new stories for inclusion, so the collection will include plenty of new material.

One of the new stories describes how Pete and Kevin became friends and partners. Obviously it had to be told from the point of view of one or the other of them. I’ve thought about it several times, and I just don’t believe I can write as Kevin. So Pete it is.

I wasn’t sure I could write as Pete either. I’d been hesitant to try. But for this story, it worked. Not that I’m going to start writing in Pete’s voice a lot. I may never do it again.

I think it helped that the time period covered was before Pete met Jamie. Maybe that’s the problem – Jamie has scrambled Pete’s brain for good. 🙂 The pre-Jamie Pete was less complicated in some ways.

Anyway, the story is called Partners, and it will appear in the anthology, still scheduled for August. I think you’ll like it.


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