Cover Reveal: Promoted to Death!

We’re getting close! My editor is editing away – he has other projects too so isn’t positive exactly when he’ll be finished, but it will be around the third week of May. In the meantime, here are the cover and blurb! Enjoy!

Elaine Pareja didn’t have any fans among her colleagues in the psychology department at Santa Monica College. When her promotion application is denied and she is terminated, no one is sorry to see her go. When Elaine is reinstated for no apparent reason, it causes a revolt in the department. When she turns up dead, her colleagues turn into suspects. But Elaine was a keeper of secrets – other people’s, and her own. Jamie Brodie and his friend, business librarian Sheila Meadows, join forces with the police to pick their way through the tangled web of Elaine’s life, searching for the thread that led to her death.

Promoted 1

Jamie Brodie Mystery #14



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5 responses to “Cover Reveal: Promoted to Death!

  1. Reita Greene

    Can not wait I am looking forward to revisiting my friends . Thank you

  2. Lin

    Happiness is a new Jamie Brodie Mystery!
    Always enjoy checking in on your men. 😀

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