I’m featured at Josh Lanyon’s blog today!

Josh Lanyon has a regular feature on her blog called Author! Author! Every month she interviews a different m/m mystery or romance writer – and this month I’m the lucky interviewee! You can read it here.

I’ve been neglecting Jamie and Pete for the past week or so, thanks to this unlovely lady:

21457942_1775841795789423_6361884645929817029_o.jpg (1041×628)

But my house is undamaged and the power is back. So it’s back to work for me!



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4 responses to “I’m featured at Josh Lanyon’s blog today!

  1. WB

    The interview with Josh Lanyon was great! I hate that the Jamie Brodie series will be ending but I can always reread the books. Which I have done with the ones printed thus far! LOL!!

    • Thanks, WB! Even though Jamie’s series will end, I plan to write several standalones featuring other characters from the books. Jon and Liz, Kristen, Sheila Meadows… and I hope others!

  2. Denise

    Great interview!!

  3. berryblu

    I’m glad you came through Irma okay. 🙂 I did too.

    Loved the interview. Thank you.

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