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Haunted to Death and more!

It’s two weeks until Haunted to Death! The e-book will be released on Halloween, both at Amazon and Smashwords. (I don’t have the links yet.) There won’t be a print version of this one, because… the book will be FREE! Consider this your Halloween treat from me to you. 😀

It’s also two weeks until another NaNoWriMo. I wasn’t going to take part this year, but then I was approached about an opportunity…a SOOPER SEEKRIT opportunity…by another author. So I’ll be working on something completely unrelated to the Jamie series. More later as I’m allowed to tell you about it.

Here’s the release schedule for the rest of the Jamie arc:

Haunted to Death, Jamie Brodie Mystery #17, 10/31/18

Obsessed to Death, JBM #18, Spring 2019

Deserted to Death, JBM #19, Fall 2019

Drugged to Death, JBM #20, Spring 2020

Resigned to Death, JBM #21, Fall 2020

Yes, there are now going to be 21 books in the series. Consider that your Christmas present from me. 😀

Haunted to Death

Jamie Brodie and his entire family are on vacation in Scotland, staying at their ancestral home, Brodie Castle. The family’s fun is interrupted by a threat of blackmail…then they fall under suspicion when the blackmailer turns up dead. Jamie, Pete, Kevin, and Kristen set out to clear the Brodie name. Along the way they encounter a ghostly sighting, a wild rumor, centuries-old curses, and a massive cover-up. Will they find the truth before the detectives from Police Scotland arrest the wrong man?



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