Do you know about ReQueered Tales?

If you don’t, you should! ReQueered Tales is a small publishing company (I know the owners) whose mission is “to re-publish award-winning, post-Stonewall gay and lesbian fiction — with a focus on mystery, literary and horror/sci-fi genres.” They’re doing a wonderful job, introducing out-of-print LGBT writing to a new generation. Check out their catalog at their website.

One of the series that they’re republishing is the Nick Hoffman Mysteries, by Lev Raphael. If you enjoy academic mysteries and you haven’t read the Nick Hoffman series, add it to your TBR list! Nick Hoffman is an untenured English instructor at the fictional State University of Michigan. The department, like so many in real life, is full of intrigue and shifting alliances. Sometimes, at SUM, those lead to murder, and poor Nick (like Jamie Brodie) gets tangled up in them.

The Nick Hoffman Mysteries are true gay mystery, not m/m; Nick has been happily partnered for years to Stefan. As a bonus to the mysteries, there are luscious descriptions of food.

ReQueered is currently re-releasing Little Miss Evil, the fourth Nick Hoffman Mystery. I was delighted and honored to be asked to write the new foreword to this book, since I not only write academic mysteries, but I’m in academia myself. Check it out here! Print is coming soon, I’m told.

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  1. Denise

    What a great site! Thanks for the info.

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