Brodie-Ferguson Family Timeline

1888: Alexander Brodie and James Douglas (distant cousins, Jamie’s great-great-grandfathers) emigrate from Inverness, Scotland, to the US

1898: Glen Brodie (Jamie’s great-grandfather) born in New Bern, NC

1924: Ed Brodie born, Beaufort, SC

1942: Ed graduates from high school, enlists in USMC

1945: WWII ends; Ed assigned to Parris Island

1946: Ed marries high school sweetheart, Bonnie Douglas

1948: Doug Brodie born, Beaufort, SC

1949: Julie Coleman born, Huntington, WV

1950: Dennis Brodie born, Beaufort, SC

1952: Dave Brodie born, Beaufort, SC

Jack Ferguson born, Victorville, CA

Lena Thomson born, Victorville, CA

1967: Julie Coleman graduates from high school; enrolls at St. Mary’s School of Nursing, Huntington, WV

1970, June: Dave Brodie graduates from high school; enlists in USMC; meets Neil Anderson in basic training

Jack Ferguson and Lena Thomson graduate from high school; get married the next day. Lena is five months  pregnant. Jack is hired into a machinist – tool and die maker apprenticeship.

Julie Coleman graduates from nursing school; enlists in the U.S. Navy

1970, October: Christine Ferguson born, Victorville, CA

1971: Dave Brodie is injured by shrapnel in a mortar attack in Vietnam. He is treated on a Navy ship; Julie is his nurse.

Jack completes his apprenticeship and gets a civilian job at Edwards AFB. He, Lena and baby Christine move to Barstow.

1972: Dave and Julie get engaged; marry in October, when Dave is assigned to Camp Pendleton after two tours in Vietnam. Julie is assigned to the Camp Pendleton hospital as an RN.

1973: Steve Ferguson born, Barstow, CA

1975, May: Dave and Julie move from base housing; buy a home in Oceanside, CA

1975, July 3: Pete Ferguson is born, Barstow, CA

1977: Ed Brodie retires from USMC

1978, January 28: Jeffrey David Brodie is born, Camp Pendleton

1979, March 24: Kevin Cole Brodie is born, Camp Pendleton

1980, May 17: Jeremy Douglas Brodie is born, Camp Pendleton

1980, November 17: Julie Brodie killed in auto accident caused by drunk driver

1980, December: Ed Brodie moves to Oceanside, CA, to help raise his grandsons

1985: Jamie Brodie begin kindergarten; meets Alison Fortner

Jack and Lena Ferguson divorce; Jack moves to Lancaster

1988: Jamie and Ali begin third grade; meet new classmate Robbie Harrison

Christine Ferguson graduates from high school; begins taking classes at Barstow Community College

1989: Pete Ferguson suffers sexual abuse at the hands of parish priest in Barstow; Jack takes Steve and Pete to live with him in Lancaster

Jamie, Ali and Robbie begin fourth grade; meet new classmate Melanie Hayes

1990: Jamie begins playing youth rugby

1991: Christine Ferguson completes AA degree; moves to Phoenix to attend Arizona State University

Steve Ferguson graduates from high school; attends Cal Tech

1993: Pete Ferguson graduates from Eastside HS, Lancaster; attends UCLA on baseball scholarship

1994: Christine Ferguson graduates from Arizona State

1995: Jamie and Ali come out to their families; Ed Brodie stops speaking to Jamie

Christine Ferguson meets Tucson rancher/businessman Andy Fernandez

1996: Jeff Brodie graduates from Oceanside HS, attends Stanford on track/cross-country scholarship; meets Valerie Collins in freshman biology

Jamie and Ali turn 16; get drivers’ licenses and begin a lawn mowing business

Christine Ferguson marries Andy Fernandez; moves to Tucson

1997: Kevin Brodie graduates from Oceanside HS, attends UCLA on baseball scholarship; meets Jennifer Graham in freshman English class

Ed Brodie moves back to Beaufort, SC

Pete Ferguson graduates from UCLA with degree in psychology; accepted into LAPD Academy; moves to Santa Monica to help care for his great-uncle Arthur MacDonald, his grandmother’s brother

1998: Pete graduates from police academy; after training, joins the force as patrol officer in Hollenbeck Division; soon thereafter transferred by headquarters to West LA

Stephanie Fernandez born (Pete’s niece)

1998, June: Jamie graduates from HS, will attend UC-Berkeley on academic scholarship/rugby club stipend

Ali graduates from HS, will attend UC-Davis

Mel graduates from HS, will attend UC-Berkeley

Robbie graduates from HS, will attend US Naval Academy

1998, August: Jamie and Mel move into the dorms at Berkeley; Jamie meets Ethan Williams

1999: Jamie and the rest of Cal Golden Bears Rugby team win national collegiate championship; will do so in 2000, 2001 and 2002

Steve Ferguson earns Ph.D. in aerospace engineering from CalTech; hired by USAF and moves to Alamogordo, NM to work at Holloman AFB

Samantha Fernandez born (Pete’s niece)

2000: Jeff Brodie and Valerie Collins graduate from Stanford; Jeff’s degree is in zoology, Val’s is in botany. They get married; Jeff begins veterinary school at UC-Davis

2001: Kevin Brodie graduates from UCLA with degree in philosophy; marries Jennifer Graham; is accepted into LAPD Academy, where he sets marksmanship records

Kevin and Jennifer move to Culver City apartment; Jennifer hired as kindergarten teacher at nearby elementary school

Steve Ferguson meets Albuquerque attorney Meredith Lagai at a friend’s house

2002: Jamie is awarded Rhodes Scholarship; Jamie and Ethan graduate from Berkeley and move to Oxford

Colin Brodie is born in Davis, CA

Kevin Brodie graduates from police academy; after training, is assigned as patrol officer to West LA Division; his partner is Pete Ferguson

Dave Brodie retires from USMC

Ali Fortner graduates from UC-Davis with degree in landscape architecture

Mel Hayes graduates from Berkeley with degree in legal studies

Ali and Mel move to LA; Mel begins law school at UCLA, Ali gets a job with landscaping company

2003: Pete Ferguson begins graduate program in psychology at UCLA, part-time

Pete meets Luke Brenner; they begin a relationship

Steve Ferguson and Meredith Lagai get married

2004: Gabe Brodie is born in Davis, CA; Jeff graduates from veterinary school and is accepted into one-year internship at the veterinary hospital there

2005: Ethan Williams completes his masters’ degree in English literature at Oxford; breaks up with Jamie; begins Ph.D. program at Yale University

Niles Gretton convinces Jamie that he should be a librarian

Jeff Brodie and vet school classmate Ben Khaladjian open their practice in Oceanside, CA – Miracosta Animal Hospital

Mel graduates from law school and joins practice of Neil Anderson; Ali begins her own xeriscaping business

Early 2006: Kevin takes and passes LAPD detectives exam

2006, July: Jamie receives D. Phil. in ancient history from  Merton College, Oxford; moves back to Oceanside temporaily; has been accepted to library school at UCLA

Kevin and Jennifer divorce

2006, August: Jamie and Kevin rent an apartment together in Westwood; Jamie begins library school and is hired at YRL as an Interlibrary Loan clerk

Kevin introduces Pete and Jamie

2006, September: Jamie meets Dan Christensen; begins a casual relationship with him

2006, December: Dan breaks up with Jamie

2007, January: Jamie meets Nick Taggart, MFA student in cinematography; they begin a relationship

2007, July: Kevin meets Abby Glenn

2007, September: Jamie meets Liz Nguyen when she begins library school

Pete leaves LAPD to begin full-time doctorate program at UCLA (has been taking classes at night while working)

Kevin is promoted to detective; partnered with Tim Garcia

2008, March: Nick breaks up with Jamie

2008, March: Pete breaks up with Luke Brenner

2008, May: Pete and Jamie begin to date

2008, June: Jamie graduates from library school; hired at Young Research Library as Assistant Librarian

2008, July: Abby moves in with Kevin and Jamie

2008, September: Ali and Mel get married

2008, November: Pete’s Uncle Arthur dies; leaves his townhouse to Pete

2008, December: Pete breaks up with Jamie, resumes relationship with Luke

2009, March: Jamie begins to date library school classmate Alex Schuncke

2009, September: Jamie and Alex split up by mutual consent, remain friends

2010, February: Jamie meets paramedic Eric Padilla in line at the mystery bookstore in Westwood; they begin to date

2010, May: Pete breaks up with Luke

2010, June: Pete graduates with Ph.D. in clinical psychology (dissertation on criminal psych) from UCLA

2010, August: Pete joins faculty at Santa Monica College

2010, December: Eric breaks up with Jamie

2011, February: Jamie meets LA Philharmonic cellist Scott Deering at a charity event; they begin to date in March

2011, October: Steve Ferguson and Meredith Lagai divorce amicably

2012, May 9-21: Jamie is hospitalized for a severe asthma attack and pneumonia; Scott breaks up with him while he’s hospitalized

2012, May 25: Dan Christensen is murdered

2012, May 29 – June 21: The events of Cited to Death

2012, September – 2013, February 14: The events of Hoarded to Death

2013, March 17 – April 6: The events of Burdened to Death

2013, May 28 – July 27: The events of Researched to Death

2013, August 8 – 17: The events of Encountered to Death

2013, September 1 – 6: The events of There Goes the Neighborhood (short story published with the print version of Encountered to Death; published on blog August 2016)

2013, September 28 – October 15: The events of Psyched to Death

2013, October 28 – December 20: The events of Stacked to Death

2013, December 24: The events of High Desert (short story published with Stacked to Death)

2014, April 14 – 19: The events of Low Country (short story published with Stoned to Death)

2014, July 26 – August 24: The events of Stoned to Death

2014, November 7 – November 10: The events of Talked to Death

2014, November 10 – November 16: The events of Hearts (short story published with Talked to Death)

2014, November 28 – December 31: The events of Best Men (free short story published on blog in July 2015)

2015, March 7: Jamie dislocates his shoulder in a rugby match

2015, March 30 – May 4: The events of Avenged to Death

2015, June 6 – July 3: The events of Played to Death

2015, July 11: The events of Just Right (free short story published on blog 2/14/16)

2015, December 16 – December 28: The events of Staff Sgt. Ammo (free short story published on blog in March 2016)

2016, March 22 – April 5: The events of Filmed to Death

2016, June 11 – June 26: The events of Photographs and Memories (previously referred to as Pictured to Death – serialized novella published on blog in June – July 2016)

2016, September 22 – October 11: The events of Trapped to Death

2017, March 8 – April 8: The events of Promoted to Death

2017, September 25 – October 1: The events of Published to Death

2018, April 9 – May 17: The events of Cloistered to Death

2018, late July: The events of Haunted to Death

2018, November 26 – December 20: The events of Obsessed to Death

2019, June 2 – July 3: The events of Deserted to Death

4 responses to “Brodie-Ferguson Family Timeline

  1. willowbayherb

    This is really fabulous! I’ve just finished reading all 7 books straight through, and I can’t say enough good things–not only about how well they are written, but how superbly they are constructed. Jamie and his family are such good company. Every character is convincing, individually authentic in voice and action, and they interact with each other in really interesting ways. I like the honesty gives Jamie his clarity, the love that motivates Pete and opens him to change, and the loyalty that their friends command. I’m afraid it’s true — I really can’t wait for there to be more.

  2. I think someone needs to illustrate these timelines.

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