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I’ve been doing the final edits on Researched to Death, which will be published by the end of the week. Editing is tedious! It takes as much time as writing does.
I’m lucky to have a good editor. My writing partner is a writing specialist in our college writing center, and he catches all the misplaced and missing commas that I never would. I tend to use commas as I would in speaking, wherever there’s a natural break in the sentence. For writing purposes that placement isn’t always correct. I need to brush up on the rules but that will have to wait until summer when I have more leisure time.
Another thing I do is use the words “really” and “just” waaaaaay too often. I spent a chunk of time yesterday and this morning using the “Find” tool in Word to check all my uses of “really” and “just.” I was able to remove a lot of them. Sometimes there’s no substitute, sometimes (especially with “just”) it expresses exactly what I wanted it to. But most of the time, the sentence stands just fine (ha! see what I did there?) without it.
Editing is one of the tasks that makes me realize how easily writing could be a full-time job. 🙂


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