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Character interview: Greg Marcotte

Yesterday, we got to know Justin Harris from Twelve Seconds a tad better. Now it’s Greg’s turn.

Greg Marcotte

Name: Gregory James Marcotte

Nickname? Greg

Age: Forty-one

Height: 6’2”

Birth Place: Asheville, North CarolinaTWELVE-SECONDS-COVER-_-WEB

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Blue

Astrology sign: Leo

Health: Perfect.

Current Occupation: Special Agent, Air Force Office of Special Investigations. Formerly a homicide detective and SWAT sniper with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg (NC) Police Department.

Marital status: Single but dating

Romantic Interest: Justin Harris

Dominant Character Trait: Forthrightness

Secondary Character Trait: Precision

Your two worst character flaws: Stubbornness with a perfectionist streak

Friends: Mostly the people that I work with.

Enemies: They’re all in jail.

Family: My parents and siblings are all college professors. My dad teaches psychology at Warren Wilson College; my mom teaches Appalachian Studies there. My sister teaches biology at UNC-Asheville and my brother teaches music at Appalachian State.

Tattoos: Nope

Rent or Own: Own

Relationship with God: Lapsed

Politics: I’m a law-and-order socialist.

Overall outlook on life: Shit happens.

Piercings: Nope

Voice: Deep. Justin says it’s melodious. I have a Southern accent.

Right-or left-handed: Right

Level of Attractiveness: TV cop

Clothing: Polos and khakis

Sense of humor: Yep.

Interests and favorites: Boating, fishing, hiking, target practice. Live baseball, majors or minors. Being outdoors in general.

Food, drink: The basics in each ethnic tradition. Nothing raw.

Music: Classic rock.

Books: True crime, current events

Movies: Anything but rom-coms

Dislikes: Being shot at.

Color: Blue

Vehicle: Ford F-150 pickup

Sexual Orientation: Gay

Kinks: Nothing worth mentioning

Most fears: That we’ll get into another stupid war

Most desires: To settle down with the right guy

What do you believe in? You know Kevin Costner’s speech in Bull Durham? That.

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It’s alive!!

Twelve Seconds, that is. Space Coast Mystery #1, featuring space reporter Justin Harris and Air Force Special Agent Greg Marcotte, is available here. It’s only on Kindle right now, as I’m testing out the efficacy of Kindle Unlimited, but eventually it’ll be available through Smashwords and the other outlets, too.

Enjoy! If you’ve already read the story in the anthology and are waiting for book 2, it’ll be out next spring. (I must tell you, though, this version has added content in the form of backstory for all of the characters.)


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Cover reveal: Twelve Seconds!



Coming soon! As in the next few days! This is the cover for Twelve Seconds, my novella from the Footsteps in the Dark anthology. If you didn’t buy the anthology, here’s your chance to read the first of a new series, the Space Coast Mysteries. If you did buy the anthology, then you’ll just have to wait for book two. 😀

Thanks to Dianne at Lyrical Lines Proofreading and Book Covers for this awesome cover!

This version of the story is a couple thousand words longer. I added some scenes that will carry forward in the rest of the series but weren’t necessary for the standalone version.

The book will be on Kindle Unlimited at first. I’m experimenting with that. I’ve never used it for the Jamie Brodie books, and I’ve heard mixed reviews from other writers.

Speaking of Jamie Brodie, the next book (Deserted to Death, JBM #19) will be out mid-October.


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