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Cover reveal: Twelve Seconds!



Coming soon! As in the next few days! This is the cover for Twelve Seconds, my novella from the Footsteps in the Dark anthology. If you didn’t buy the anthology, here’s your chance to read the first of a new series, the Space Coast Mysteries. If you did buy the anthology, then you’ll just have to wait for book two. 😀

Thanks to Dianne at Lyrical Lines Proofreading and Book Covers for this awesome cover!

This version of the story is a couple thousand words longer. I added some scenes that will carry forward in the rest of the series but weren’t necessary for the standalone version.

The book will be on Kindle Unlimited at first. I’m experimenting with that. I’ve never used it for the Jamie Brodie books, and I’ve heard mixed reviews from other writers.

Speaking of Jamie Brodie, the next book (Deserted to Death, JBM #19) will be out mid-October.


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When his phone rang at 3:12 a.m., Justin answered half-asleep. â€œâ€™Lo?”

This is the first line of my novella, Twelve Seconds, which will be part of the Footsteps in the Dark anthology of m/m mystery, coming in early May. Justin Harris is a space reporter for a fictional newspaper syndicate, based in Cocoa Beach, FL; Greg Marcotte is a Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. They meet in the aftermath of a failed rocket launch (i.e., explosion) at Cape Canaveral.

I had so much fun writing this! It’s nice to write something that takes place in my own stomping grounds. (Although I spent some time in Jamie Brodie’s stomping grounds last week. More on that later.) I’ll eventually release this as a standalone, as I intend to build a new series around these two.

The anthology includes some of my favorite authors, and a couple that will be new to me. I personally can’t WAIT to read it!

Here’s a teaser for the cover:



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Exciting news!

Now I can announce the special new project that I’m working on now! For details, check out Josh Lanyon’s blog today. I won’t give much away about my story yet, except that it’s completely separate from Jamie Brodie and his world. Two entirely new characters in an entirely new location.

Here’s one more hint: 😀


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